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Mortgage rates » 2014 » September

The best ideas for spending extra money

Sometimes it happens that you get extra bonuses with a paycheck, get money presents from family members or just find it simply on a road. There is no doubt that you feel lucky and the most important thing here is to treat this money so that luck wouldn’t disappear. Even if you find just $20 they may bring you many opportunities if being properly spent. Here are some good ideas which will help you to invoke good luck in life with the help of the correct extra money management.

Idea 1 – covering pending amounts
Of course if you experience financial difficulties because of outstanding debt the issue requires all extra money on its coverage. Or if you have just taken online loan with no credit check in order to improve your credit score it goes without saying that any additional amount of money should be driven for those purposes. Of course you will not get and instant pleasure from spending the money because that would be one of the many payments which should be committed. But from the other point of view being debt free is a good opportunity to start building wealthy future or having a good credit score is a good opportunity to get an attractive interest rate when applying for mortgage. And the sooner you achieve such result the better.

Idea 2 – investing
Of course you need to have much knowledge and practice to become a successful investor who works with securities or real estate. But you may be not involved in such serious deals and still your money may work for you. It is a good principle – to make all dollars working for you. Of course starting up a business is another good opportunity to perform this principle but sill it requires much knowledge and talents. On the other side we are here to study and to develop. There is no need to build a factory or to create an office crowded with employees. Today you may easily launch an Internet business which is not expensive and brings results in no time. Or you can turn your hobby into the income source and invest all extra money into this area. Let us say you love houseplants and you can start growing up some interesting and unique examples and then to sell it. There are many ideas over the Internet about how you can make money with a hobby.

Idea 3 – filling your funds
It is necessary to put some money for future targeted use. It is a wise solution to have an emergency fund where you can take money from at any time if there is an urgent need. Besides it is necessary to collect money for the retirement. If you have children it is great idea to save money for their education. And it is much better to invest extra money in future of your children then to buy something that will not bring you any significant result.

Remember that correct personal money management is a pledge for your success and wealthy being.

Purchasing foreclosed homes – Essential tips to follow

Are you someone who is in the market to buy a foreclosed home? Well, buying a foreclosed home is a little bit different from buying a typical real estate property. If you have enough unsecured high interest debt on your cards, you should start repaying them through debt consolidation companies or other debt relief options as you have to go through the process of taking out a mortgage loan and henceforth you will obtain better rates if you don’t have too much debt.

In the process of purchasing a foreclosed home, only one real estate agent is usually involved. The seller often wants a preapproval letter from the lender before he takes the plunge of accepting the offer. There is often little or rather no room for negotiation. The foreclosed home comes as it is and it is therefore up to the buyer to pay for all kinds of repairs. On the upside, most homes owned by the bank are vacant and the entire process of moving in can be fast.

Ensuring the best deal while taking the risk of buying a bank-owned home

Buying a foreclosure is certainly a bit of a grind as it’s not so easy. Although you’re getting fantastic pricing, yet sometimes it may take a lot of time to go through a number of houses and writing a number of offers. Throughout the nation, around one-third sales in May were of distressed properties and a huge chunk of those sales went to mostly first time homebuyers. Check out some tips.

1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage: The first two steps that you have to take before buying a foreclosed house is to locate a real estate broker and get a pre-approval from a mortgage lender. Shoppers should first visit a website that has a list of foreclosed homes. The goal of going through the list of “real estate owned” is not to find a house but to find an agent. Banks usually hire one broker to handle such properties. The next thing that you need to do is to get a pre-approval from a mortgage lender so that you know the amount of loan that you can afford to qualify for.

2. Pricing is not an easy factor: There’s no particular thumb rule as to what the bank’s bottom line is on the price. Just like you have to compare and contrast while buying other properties, here too, you have to look at the current sales price of such properties. There are times when the banks price the homes really low so that the home has multiple offers within a few hours of listing. Sometimes the bank prices the home too high and in such cases you can end up with a lower price. Always keep in mind that a foreclosed home is sold as it is and hence you shouldn’t expect to get a discount to compensate for repairs.

3. Boost your credit score and repay your debts: While getting a mortgage loan for a foreclosed home, you need to have a good credit score so that the lender relies on your repayment ability. In case your score is low enough, take immediate credit repair steps and then start repaying your debts. If you have a high debt-to-income ratio, the lender will have a doubt about your repayment ability and therefore he might charge higher interest rates to reduce their risks in the event of a default.

Hence, if you’re in for a foreclosed property, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips so that you can end up with the best deal that suits your current financial state and your affordability.