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Mortgage rates » Tips for Making your Home Easier to Move Around In

Tips for Making your Home Easier to Move Around In

One of the biggest challenges facing property owners in the UK and the rest of the world is how to make the spaces in their homes attractive, functional and easy to move around in.  Research has shown that the number of deaths caused by house falls and other preventable accidents in the UK is more than 1300 annually.

Considering that this is already happening, is it best then to just sit back and relax as if nothing is happening. Not according to most experts who believe that, most of these deaths are preventable, especially if the new homes we buy are mobile safe and allow us to move around safely and easily.

Here is a checklist of things you should look out for in a mobile or movement safe house, if not, how to achieve a mobile safe house yourself.

Create space in your home

One of the biggest causes of accidents in the home is where the space is little or perceived to be too small for those who live in it. Cramped spaces are more likely to have health hazards like knives, nails, hammers and the like-this increases the chances of accidents.

The even if your home has less space, the most effective way to create space is to have a properly designed and developed house which gives adequate space for safe movements.

Allowance for movable aids

Not everyone is strong or movement capable.  With recent estimates putting the number of those with limited movement abilities (elderly included) at about 19% in the UK alone and higher in the rest of the world, it’s becoming more and more important to plan for movement aids for your home and the supporting infrastructure. Provisions for wheelchairs, portable house bikes should be included in the development of your home, somehow.

Get a lift

Old technologies like stair lifts can make all the difference in your home in as far as achieving movement friendliness, according to radical safety experts. Considering that, concrete stairs are the biggest hazard for invalids and the disabled elderly family members; you should plan for their provisions as well, to ensure that your home is safe for everyone.

While stairs could be a problem solver for most homes, extra financial input may be required. Nonetheless, lifts can eliminate need for stair climbing, not only cutting down accidents on stairs, but also reduce dependency on others for movement.

Note that you could also use extra handles for your stairs to help the disabled if you can’t afford a lift or can’t get one for whatever reason.

Avoid slippery floors

We all love floors that look like mirrors, according to most of those in the building and construction industry. Unfortunately, mirror smooth floors may not always be the best safety-wise, if the large number of accidents they cause is anything to go by.  You can make a floor less slippery by investing in a nice carpet, especially if it’s a new home. You should also let other beware of the slippery floor, dust all oil and water on floors and generally, keep your floors fry at all times.

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